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Just Say "Hi"®

to Amazing Parts of Yourself!

Helping people who struggle with parts of themselves or have symptoms of dissociative identity disorder to activate their genius & achieve business success

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Julie Lyons

Teaching the art of talking to parts of yourself

Empowering you to discover and accept amazing parts of yourself that you may not like or have been hidden. 

Experience freedom to live, to be who you are; to thrive!

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Just Say "Hi"®

To the Proven 3-Step Method

Step 1:    Just Say "Hi"®

When you have tried everything else. It may seem ridiculous but when you Just Say "Hi"® to the part of yourself that you don't like or wish would just go away, you may open the door to discover new information that will help you get unstuck.

Step 2:   Just Be Curious

Often, we don't want to know about some part of our personality that seems to cause problems so we ignore it. But when we learn to be curious by asking the right questions, the answers we have been searching for become available, just by paying attention.

Step 3:   Just Say Thank You

Sometimes the best thing to do is to "Just Say Thank You" to the part of you that seems to be causing trouble and just won't behave. Usually that part of you is not just a bad habit and was created for an important reason, to help you in some way. Showing appreciation, just may help to get you unstuck and move you forward in your life.

If you would like to find out more about accessing parts of yourself, you are invited to schedule a complimentary 15-min call with me:

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Just Say Hi"® to Amazing Parts of Yourself

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