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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do?

Do you feel stigmatized or stuck by a diagnosis, label, old beliefs, or behaviour patterns? I am a dissociative identity specialist. I work with clients who have seen other therapists, been in recovery, and are looking for fresh tools for living. I also provide consulting for high profile, entertainment industry, and community leaders, concerned with confidentiality. You can learn to understand and accept your truth.

How can you help?

I help you identify amazing and unique parts of yourself that have kept you stuck. Even parts you fear or dislike become important assets to move you forward toward your goals. Using a 3-step method that promotes communication inside, you will be able to utilize the same technique with partners and family members.

Why should I see you?

Feel hopeful after your complimentary phone consultation. Taking the action to call opens the door to emotional freedom and a new way to THINK and feel about yourself. You CAN change... no matter what you have tried before. Does it take work? Yes. Is it challenging? Yep. Can you do it? Absolutely!

How can I start working with you?

Get in touch with me and just say hi! Fill out the 'contact me' form on this website. Check out my Instagram to know more about me! Head over to my Psychology Today page to learn more about my practice. I offer a free initial phone consultation to get to know you and introduce myself.

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