Julie Kalmenson Lyons, LICSW

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Recovered from what the medical community described as a severe, rarely diagnosed and difficult to treat mental condition. Julie refused to accept negative, stigmatizing or limiting LABELS and took a BOLD step toward revolutionary personal transformation. Now her mission is to transform how the world views mental differences. 

Growing up in California, the daughter of successful parents, visible in the community and the entertainment industry, a sister two years younger (now a successful artist and business woman), life appeared status quo. Julie had piano lessons, guitar, ballet, art (of course, acting lessons) and attended summer camp but inside something made her feel different...

she hid her truth...


Hiding who she was influenced her thinking, her behavior, her lifestyle, and kept Julie isolated from others. She covered up by looking OK on the outside. Julie thought if she got married and left Los Angeles there would be more freedom to be herself. Julie obtained a Bachelors degree, managed a private exercise studio in New York, ate healthy food, studied meditation and tried different religions. She joined the US Army and served in the medical command for 3 years and attended officer candidate school during Desert Storm. 


But the secret grew bigger and kept Julie from getting too close to anyone. Suicide crossed her mind... Julie had many years of  therapy, graduated with a masters degree in social work and became a licensed therapist. She continued seeking out top professionals in new brain technology. Julie worked with the best clinicians taking BOLD steps in personal change by using the skills I learned and developing her own transformational tools and eventually the 3-step method Just Say "Hi". However, fear of the stigma about mental challenges kept her silent until she realized that coming out with the secret would change everything and catapult her into freedom! Julie began to thrive in every area of her life. And you can too! 


Believing it is not ok to talk about who we truly are can be a lonely place. But now it is possible to receive help in your own space from someone who has walked the path and understands mental challenges, mental differences; "Mental Diversity". If you have been labeled with a mental disorder or have characteristics that resemble a mental illness you can reframe the information and use it to move forward in your life. Mental challenges or differences do not have to be a permanent disability. There is no shame in "Mental Diversity".

It is possible to talk about who you are in a safe space where you feel comfortable. It is possible to experience freedom to live as the person you are and the person you want to be.


Discover proven brain technology, therapeutic techniques, coaching tools and spiritual support; transformational therapies and the new 3-step method Just Say “Hi” developed by a therapist who has studied with the best and walked the path to freedom.