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About Me

Dissociative Identity Expert

Refusing to accept negative, stigmatizing or limiting labels, I served in the US Army Medical Command, achieved a masters degree in social work and became a licensed 

psychotherapist and certified life coach.

I recovered from what the medical community described as a "severe, rarely diagnosed and difficult to treat mental condition". 

I received treatment myself and studied with top leaders in the fields of psychology, neuroscience, life coaching and quantum physics and I began to thrive.

Then after working with hundreds of clients who struggled with parts of their personality, I developed a method that can work for anyone challenged by aspects of themselves. 

I published a book about the 3-step method Just Say "Hi"Ⓡ and speak publicly about saying no to a diagnosis and yes to living a successful life. 

Now my mission is to help others discover, understand and embrace the parts of themselves that get in their way, to help transform their lives.

My vision is to change how the world views mental differences, specifically the diagnosis of DID. 

Find out more about a part of yourself that you struggle with by scheduling a call with me... Just Say "Hi"Ⓡ

About Me: About Me

Psychology Today

I help you identify amazing and unique parts of yourself that have kept you stuck.

Even parts you fear or dislike become important assets to move you forward toward your goals.

Using a 3-step method that promotes communication inside, you will also be able to utilize the same technique with partners and family members.

About Me: Welcome
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