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Do You Ever Have a BAD Feeling Out of Nowhere?

When everything is going well, and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, do you ever have a BAD feeling in your body about a situation or a negative reaction toward a person and you don’t know why? The first thing to do is to notice it. Give yourself permission to have it!

Then recognize that this may be caused by a “trigger”. A trigger (in this context we are talking about a negative trigger); an intense gloom and doom response or emotion, inappropriate to the actual, usually benign situation in the present, sometimes as though it is necessary to fight or flee your surroundings.

Activation of this human survival instinct is usually caused by a traumatic memory incited by a sight, sound, smell, activity or situation that reminds us of something acutely distressing, harrowing or horrifying from the past causing us to react as though it is happening right now.

This can be challenging and confusing for both the person having the reaction and for anyone else involved.

Often, the person can’t explain why they acted a certain way toward someone and either make an apology or make up a story about the reason for their behavior. Eventually the issue will subside but usually it will pop up again and again sometimes causing the end of a job or a relationship, shame or depression.

If negative reactions to specific circumstances or events occur often enough they may meet the criteria for a diagnosis of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) in which case there are several methods of treatment available such as meditation, breathing exercises and othert therapeutic techniques.

But, when I have tried everything prescribed like I have and nothing else has worked…I read my book.

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